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Our Mission

What You Can Expect From Us

What You Can Expect at Capitol Martial Arts Academy? Capitol Martial Arts Academy is one of the premier Martial Arts schools in the Alexandria / Kingstowne V.A area, guiding individuals in all age groups, to reach their full potential. Our curriculum is a unique blend of leading Martial Arts styles and has strong emphasis on valuable life skills such as perseverance, confidence, focus, and self-discipline. As a result, the students learn effective self-defense techniques and, experience new levels of confidence and empowerment.

We want our children to excel not only in Martial Arts, but also in their schools and at home. Young teens and adults are guided to be more confident in dealing with the daily challenges in their lives. Programs are designed to make our students, young and adult, more equipped to accomplish their goals in the different aspects of their lives. We also encourage students to have fun with their instructors and fellow students, to make the class more enjoyable. That's why our students love coming back to us!

Our Invitation to You

Learning Martial Arts is fun and provides lifelong benefits, but we know it can be a little intimidating to jump right into a class. We invite you to come in to observe a class already in session, with no obligation. You will meet the students and a short tour at the studio and we could answer all your questions.

You will see for yourself the difference we make for people of all ages and how they develop physical and mental skills to help them be the best individuals they can be.



Our Student Creed

To build true confidence through:
Knowledge in my mind,
Honesty in my heart,
and Strength in my body.

To keep friendship with one another
and to build a strong and happy
Never fight to achieve selfish ends,
but develop Might for Right!

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