We invite you to take advantage of the benefits and lifelong skills that you or your child will learn from Capitol Martial Arts Academy. Everything about the school, philosophy, facility and curriculum is designed to provide a positive learning environment for students in order to build confidence, achieve amazing results, and more than anything else - have a lot of fun!

You are welcome to observe a class which is already in session with no obligation. We'll give you a short tour of our facility, answer all your questions, and we'll introduce you to our staff and some of our students if you like. Learning Martial Arts can be fun and beneficial. We have different curricula for all ages and qualified Black Belt instructors to guide you in the training.

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Four Martial Arts Classes

Up to 2 classes per week

Cost: only $59

Uniform Included

Introductory classes are on weekdays only. Check out Schedule page for class days and times.

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